Risks of penis enlargement surgery

There are a lot of different methods that have been introduced in the market which are related to penis enlargement. The most commonly used are the devices that are used to enlarge and increase the length of the penis, different exercises, penis enlargement pills and penis extenders. Even if there are a lot of people who said that they actually worked for them in one way or another, doctors are still claiming that those devices, exercises and penis enlargement pills don’t have any medical data to back up its claims.


The only known method to aid in the different dilemmas of men in relation to their penis is by undergoing a surgery. Since it is being performed by licensed doctors, they are said to be the most effective among the other methods with medical record to back it up. Although this is the case, most men are still not willing to undergo this procedure.

The different risks

Just like any other types of surgeries out there, regardless of how good the doctor is, there are still certain risks that goes along with this penis enlargement surgery. This is something that the patient needs to undergo at least twice and can be quite costly. Here are some of the other risks that can be brought about by this:


Due to the complexity of the injury which involves cutting and using of different tools in order to perform the operation, the risk of having an infection is big. The different tools to be used, no matter how many times it was sterilized may still contain bacteria in it which when used has the tendency to be transferred to the penis. During the surgery, the penis needs to be cut in order to implant the different devices which may include silicone into it.

In case that an infection happens to the patient it is usually being resolved by giving the patient additional antibiotic in order to kill the bacteria that may have entered the penile area. If the infection is severe, there might even be a need for the patient to undergo another surgery which can cause additional pain as well as money for the patient. Another surgery may be needed in order to clean the insides of the penis that might have been infected.


Just like any other surgeries, since cutting is involved, it will surely result into a scar. The severity of the scar may vary depending on the condition of the patient. How big or prominent the scar may be can also be dependent on the following factors:

  • Length of time for the patient to heal
  • The severity of the cut or trauma that was produced during the surgery
  • Bacteria that may have gotten inside the penis
  • Tension on the stitches that was performed after cutting the penis open

Other damages

There are also other known probable damages that can be caused by the surgery. It may involve damages to the nerves and blood vessels around the penis. Since the surgery requires anaesthesia, it has the risk of causing complications related to cardiovascular system of the patient which can even lead to the patient’s death.


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